This large Unscented Natural Heat or Ice pack is filled with flax seed and rice, it works great on sore muscles, relaxation, warming up, muscle tension or cramps. 


This medium therapeutic pack offers an option of a washable cover in your choice of fabric!  The washable cover has an opening at one end - similar to a traditional pillow cover. 


The size of this heating pack is 7.5" x 16".  This size works great for abdomen area, draped over one shoulder, or back area. 


Microwavable heat or cold pack made with flax seed and rice.

Very easy to use:

Place in microwave 30 seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached.  


The flaxseed and rice blend holds in the heat for a longer period of time and creates a moist heat. 

Once warmed, this will stay warm for approximately 30 minutes or longer..


The cover fabric options are a mix of flannel and smooth cotton. If you have a preference please reach out and we are happy to assist!


Custom orders and bulk pricing are available, please ask if you are interested!

Medium Rice Heating Pad with Optional Cover

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$32.00Sale Price