Reduce your use of paper towels with these washable reusable kitchen clothes!  Use in and around kitchen just as you would use paper towels and napkins, wash and reuse over and over again! Create less waste and be one more step closer to sustainable living. 


Quantity of 6 or 12 reusable kitchen clothes are approximately 10" x 12" in size and made out of 2 ply 100% cotton birdseye material. Your clothes will come with a study paper towel roll, that you can wrap your towels and place on your paper towel holder.  These clothes come with a sturdy paper towel roll that you can use on your paper towel holder, or you can simply fold and place them in a basket for easy access. Each cloth is serged around the edges to extend the life and durability of the cloths.   Cloths become more absorbent the more they are washed and used. Wash in cold water prior to using and do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets, as these will decrease absorbency. Some shrinkage will occur, they are not pre-washed.  


This roll has bright white cloths to brighten your space.


Some ideas for use include: 

-Use as washable napkins, use at home for dinner napkins and also place in lunchboxes!

-Use to dry hands while in kitchen

-Wipe kitchen countertops and cabinets

-Cleaning around kitchen

-Washable and Reusable paper towels

-Washable and reusable cloth napkins

-Washable kitchen towel


Testimonial from a customer that uses our washable paper towels

"From cleaning spills to scrubbing cabinets, hands down the best reusable towels I've used! They was up nice, dry quick and look pretty!"



Extra Absorbent Kitchen Clothes

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